Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Khaled Jehani: The Only Protester

Khaled Mohamed Al Jehani stands trial in the Saudi capital Riyadh today. He's charged with speaking to foreign media about subjects which harm the kingdom and for demonstrating.

Khaled was arrested on March the 11th 2011 when he answered calls on social media pages to take to the streets of Riyadh and demonstrate in what was called the 'Day of Rage'.

At 'Grievance Square' or 'Diwan Al Mathalem' a demonstration was expected. But Khaled ended up being the only protester and despite the notorious security presence he came up and spoke to journalists.

Khaled was arrested shortly after this was filmed. He is now in the Haa'er prison where he has been for 11 months.He has been tortured and humiliated during this period. He was also sometimes deprived of sleep or water. This is according to sources close to him as well as political and human rights activists following his case inside Saudi Arabia.

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