Sunday, May 09, 2010

Out wit da elephantz

OOOH I wanna take him home!
Looking good in the hood, he's on eof my favourites that one!
Just opposite Trafalgar Sq. Ah woman step away from me elellphaaannnt!

I call this one below the Zen elephant

Ahhhhhhhh how cute is that!!!!!! (both of us I think!)

The Lion ELepahnt!

If you're walking around your hood and suddenly notice a colourful life sized fiber glass baby elephant, fear not. This is not a remake of Planet of The Apes:The Elephants Return. Its actually the elephant parade. It's part of a campaign to save the endangered Asian elephant. It's organized by the charity group Elephant Family.

260 life sized baby elephants have been creatively painted and embellished by top artists to add some colour and awareness to the city.I must say I'm in love.

I walked around Covent Garden and Trafalgar tourists stern look to get away from me elephantz so I can take proper pics.And as you can see it worked ... ehemm at times. I'm on the hunt for more and will be adding them to this post. Sloane Sq. and Green Park next.

By the way this brings to mind one of my favourite (slightly made up) Arabic words... 'Feyoola'. 'Feel' is the transliteration of the word elephant in Arabic. The correct plural is Feyela (elephants). My more ringy ziny plural is feyoola. Hmmm this is the most I actually thought about this word ever!

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Brilliant!! U r a very creative writter :-)
keep the good work!