Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Style Inspiration -- In my Hood

Szofia Cassidy: My first chronicled Style Inspiration. Love that jacket and the vintage'y bag!

Ok, I promise I'm not trying to be Face Hunter, Street Peeper or The Sartorialist(see my blog list;). Although I must, now that I'm talking about them admire what they do and thank them for it.

When those three entered my world; by sheer chance may I add, a whole world of style and uniqueness was open to me. It became less about fashion and more about style for me.They've made 'the beautiful people' very accessible. And in the midst of the pretence and wannabe'ism that we face everyday, a great deal of these photographs are about people with real individual style and originality. Thanks you guys we need more!

I must here mention the respect I have for them now that I tried to do what they do on a much much smaller and amateurish scale.

So yeah, back to me and my feeble attempts, I'm not trying to do what they do. I am, however, forcing myself from time to time to face one of my fears and walk to absolute strangers, tell them how amazing they look and ask if I can take their photographs...

Yes, you cynics out there and I know many of you (as I am one of you!) it is part of my self cleansing through blogging and trying new things and all that sort of shit. Yes this is what it is and I love it! So shut up! (me, that includes you too!)

I mean this whole blog whatever I write about is supposed to be first and foremost about inspiration people and things that inspire me and make me feel good and alive. Holding on to anything that captures my imagination and chronicling it and may be just may be being a little braver on the way.

Have I been successful so far??? yyeeeeeenoooooo... Well, I chicken out most of the time. I see so many amazing looking people and either convince myself that they are in a hurry or indeed that I am, or that my camera is not ready... but then out of the handful that I actually approached and the few that told me to go away nicely (or not)a couple of people said yes.

Szofia Cassidy is my first ever style inspiration subject and so she'll always hold a great place in my heart an on this blog!

I saw her in my local mall and she just looked absolutely effortlessly fabulous... Everything I love about a look. Simple and stylish with careful attention to detail. Loooved the Chanel style jacket and the vintage handbag.

Of course the second thing I thought after 'oooh look how stylish' is how I can adapt that to a hijab look? So let's see...I think the top and jacket are perfect may be with a baggier pair of jeans but not slouchy. may be flares or a nice boot cut. Or some nice linen baggy trousers I'm thinking navy (especially for my figure!) Zsofia, thanks for the inspiration and for the photos.

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